Why travel by train

Our top 5 reasons to travel by train in Europe

Our goal is to make traveling through Europe easy and enjoyable. When traveling through Europe, staying on ground level is by no doubt the best way to see a country. With an intertwining network of railways, traveling by high-speed trains remains the most picturesque and authentic way to get around Europe. This is why all Halo Trips are by train.

Reason 1: It’s fast and relaxing!
Train travel is fast, efficient and gives your much more time to relax. Especially compared to air travel, as shown by the following Paris to Amsterdam example:

Paris to Amsterdam: fast, efficient & relaxing

Scenic views when traveling by train
Reason 2: Enjoy great views
Soak up the beautiful scenery whizzing past your window. A surprise around every bend! Especially Switzerland has amazing views.

Couple at a train station. Travel by train, the hassle free way to travel Europe
Reason 3: Board stress-free
No check-in or boarding queues. No luggage size or weight restrictions. No extra hassles. Just arrive at the train station, board your train and that’s it.

Just sit back and relax! No cramped airplanes when traveling Europe by train
Reason 4: Space to relax and move
Say goodbye to cramped airplanes. The train has spacious interior and room to stretch your legs. Families can relax while traveling!

icon mountainReason 5: train travel is green: CO2 emissions per train kilometer are less than 25% of the emissions of an average car!