Booking terms

Terms and conditions for booking a train tour or a rail pass a at Halo Travel. These terms and conditions are valid from 16 July 2016. The previous version of the terms and conditions can be found here.

        1. Conclusion and content of contract

          1. Halo Travel acts as a travel agent and an intermediary between the traveler and the European Railways for the sales of European train products.
          2. For hotels and sightseeing, Halo Travel is an affiliate partner of, respectively Viator. The contracts for sightseeing and hotels will be directly between, respectively Viator and the traveler.
          3. Halo Travel’s services consist of a website with information, a web-shop where a customer can buy a Halo Trip, the payment, order handling, the fulfilment and the shipping of the train tickets as well as customer service.
          4. The transport of the traveler in Europe by train is handled by national rail carriers. Halo Travel is not responsible for the transport and/or delays in transport.
        2. Offer and acceptance

          1. The contract is realized as a result of acceptance by the traveler of the offer of Halo Travel, including the applicable conditions. Acceptance will take place via the website of Halo Travel. After the contract is realized, the traveler will receive confirmation of this electronically as quickly as possible, in the form of an invoice.
          2. Halo has designed the booking process in such a way that the traveler is informed before the acceptance that he/she is entering into a contract, and which terms and conditions are applicable to it. The traveler is bound by this contract from the moment the booking is confirmed by Halo Travel.
          3. Manifest errors
            Manifest errors and manifest mistakes are not binding on Halo Travel. Such errors and mistakes are errors and mistakes which – from the point of view of the average traveler – are or should be recognizable as such at first sight.
          4. Booking party
            A person who enters into an obligation in the name of or on behalf of another person (the booking party) is jointly and severally liable for all the obligations arising from the contract. Each traveler is liable for his/her own share of the contract.
          5. For the terms and conditions of the transport and use of the train products, see our section “conditions of use”.
        3. Travel sum and payment

          1. The published travel sum is per person, unless otherwise indicated. It includes the train tickets, and all Halo Travel services and provisions stated in the publication, whether or not specified in separate cost elements, including unavoidable additional costs which the traveler must pay for the services offered which are known at the moment of publication. The term unavoidable additional costs shall include costs which are inextricably linked with the service offered. This does not include the costs of additional services which are provided at the request of the traveler by the travel organizer or by third parties, such as insurance premiums and costs charged per party at the time of booking and which vary depending on the size of the party, and reservation fees which can vary by sales channel.
          2. The published travel sum is based on the prices, levies and taxes that were known to the travel organizer at the time of its publication.
          3. At the moment the contract is realized, the full sum must be paid.
        4. Shipment of the package

          1. It is the responsibility of the traveler to list correct shipment details during the check-out process on the website.
          2. The shipment of a Halo Travel package will take approximately 7 business days. The traveler will be informed by Halo Travel when his package has been sent.
          3. Halo Travel will ensure that the necessary travel contract documents will arrive at the address as provided in the checkout by the traveler no later than 10 calendar days before the day of departure, unless this cannot reasonably be expected of Halo Travel (for example in the case of late booking).
        5. Receipt of package and travelers’ required travel documents

          1. If the traveler has not received any tickets within ten working days before departure at the latest, he/she must notify Halo Travel to this effect immediately.
          2. In the case of travel packages booked less than 10 calendar days before the date of departure, Halo Travel will indicate when and how the necessary travel contract documents will be put in the possession of the traveler. If the travller does not receive these accordingly, he/she must immediately notify Halo Travel to this effect.
          3. After the traveler signs for the package, the package will be considered delivered.
          4. After receiving the package, the traveler should contact Halo Travel within 48 hours if the content of the package is incorrect.
          5. The traveler him/herself is responsible for having the necessary travel documents with him/her, such as his rail pass, his reservations, a valid passport or, where permitted, an identity card and any necessary visas, proofs of immunizations and vaccinations, driving license and international motor insurance certificate. If the traveler is unable to undertake all or part of the travel package as a result of not being in possession of any document, or of such a document not being valid, any and all consequences of this will be at the traveler’s expense, unless the travel organizer has undertaken that it would arrange the document in question, and its absence can be imputed to the travel organizer, or if the travel organizer has failed to comply with its information obligation under Article 2 paragraph 1.
        6. Changes instigated by the traveler

          1. Tickets are personal and cannot be transferred to another traveler. The traveler’s name is printed on the tickets.
          2. After the contract has been realized, and before the traveler’s trip has started, the traveler can request changes to it by contacting Halo Travel customer service. This is subject to the condition that the traveler pays the amended travel sum, after deduction of the amounts already paid. Furthermore, the traveler is required to pay an amendment fee of 50 euro per booking. These amendments will be implemented as much as possible, up to 28 calendar days before departure, and if successful confirmed in writing by Halo Travel.
          3. Rejection of the amendments requested by the traveler will be notified by Halo Travel to the traveler immediately, giving reasons. The traveler can proceed with the original contract, or cancel it. If he/she chooses to cancel the contract, the cancellation rules in section 7 or 8 will be applicable. If there is no response from the traveler to the rejection of his/her request, the original contract will be enforced.
          4. A change to the departure date or a reduction to the number of paying passengers will be considered a cancellation or part cancellation, to which Article 7 or 8 is applicable.
        7. Cancellation of a train tour by the traveler

          1. Trips can only be cancelled only before the first day of the trip.
          2. In the event that a trip is cancelled, Halo Travel will charge the traveler the following cancellation fees:
            1. In case of cancellation within 72hours of booking: no charge
            2. In case of cancellation after 72 hours of booking but before 3 months before travel: 10% of the sum paid to Halo Travel
            3. In case of cancellation after 3 month, but less than 1 month of travel: 20% of the sum paid to Halo Travel
            4. Less than 1 month before travel: 25% of the sum paid to Halo Travel
          3. Cancellations requested outside office hours are deemed to have been requested place on the next working day.
          4. Trips cannot be cancelled or refunded after the trip has started. Travelers are advised to buy cancellation insurance and/or travel insurance.
          5. Before returning a package to Halo Travel, please contact customer service for instructions.
        8. Cancellation of a rail pass by the traveler

          1. Regular Rail Passes can only be cancelled before the first day of validity of the rail pass.
          2. Promotional Rail Passes cannot be cancelled
          3. In the event that a rail pass is cancelled before the first day of validity, Halo Travel will charge the traveler a 15% cancellation fee of the total price in euro of the rail pass(es).
          4. Cancellations requested outside office hours are deemed to have been requested place on the next working day.
          5. Passes cannot be cancelled or refunded after the first day of validity of the pass. Travelers are advised to buy cancellation insurance and/or travel insurance.
          6. Before returning a package to Halo Travel, please contact customer service for instructions.
        9. Tickers are value papers

          1. Paper train passes and train tickets are value papers: they cannot be replaced when lost or stolen, nor can a duplicate be issued. The Ticket Replacement Plan covers costs of replacement tickets if lost or stolen. In case a customer did not buy a Ticket Replacement Plan, Halo Travel can not issue new tickets in case of loss or theft.
        10. Liability and force majeure

          1. Halo Travel is not responsible nor liable for any loss (consequential or otherwise); damage (including, but not limited to, loss of, or damage to passengers’ clothes, baggage, property, whatsoever); death, injury, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by, or arising from, or in connection with, any defect in any train, vehicle or other land or sea conveyance used, rented, or traveled in; or through the negligence, willful misconduct, strikes, or other acts, defaults, or omissions of any railroad carrier, car rental or other provider of goods and services, nor for force majeure.
          2. Travel with a Eurail or Interrail pass, as well as with a seat reservation or rail ticket is subject to the conditions, tariffs and regulations imposed by the European rail, shipping, bus or other companies, firms, or persons concerned. These conditions include making mandatory reservations on specific trains in some countries.
          3. Travel with a Eurail or Interrail Pass is subject to the conditions of use listed in the pass guide and on the Halo Travel website.
          4. The term force majeure is deemed to include abnormal and unforeseen conditions which are independent of the will of the person invoking it, and the consequences of which could not be avoided, despite all precautionary measures.
        11. Help and assistance

          1. Halo Travel will provide help and assistance for all questions and complaints regarding its services as listed in article 1.3.
          2. In case of issues with the transport, for example, delays, strikes or missed trains, the refund rules and booking rules of the local railway are valid. Travelers will need to contact the local railway to rebook their train.
        12. Exclusions and restrictions to liability of travel organizer

          1. In the event that a service included in the trip is subject to a Convention, bye-law or law which awards or permits an exclusion or limitation of liability on the part of the service provider, the liability of Halo Travel is also accordingly excluded or limited.

            The travel organizer is also not liable if and inasmuch as the traveler is able to recover his/her loss under an insurance policy, such as a travel insurance and/or cancellation cost insurance policy.
          2. In any case, Halo’s liability will be limited to the total sum paid to Halo Travel.
          3. The exclusions and/or limitations of liability of the travel organizer contained in this article also apply to employees of the travel organizer, the booking office and the service providers involved, as well as their staff, unless a Convention, bye-law or law excludes this.
        13. During travel

          1. The traveler needs to always bring his pass, reservations and a valid passport on the train.
          2. The pass needs to be filled in according to the instructions that will be sent with your Halo order.
        14. Complaints after travel

          1. A complaint about the services of Halo Travel can be addressed to the Halo Travel customer service. Complaints will be answered within 5 business days.
          2. Complaints about travel by train will be forwarded by Halo Travel to Eurail Group GIE and/or the relevant national railways. Halo Travel will play an intermediary role between the traveler and the railway.
          3. Complaints have to be sent at the latest 1 month after travel
          4. In the event that the traveler does not submit the complaint in good time, it will not be processed by Halo Travel, unless the traveler cannot reasonably be blamed for this. The travel organizer will notify the traveler in this respect in writing or electronically.
        15. Disputes

          1. If a complaint is not resolved satisfactorily in good time or if no satisfactory resolution is provided, the traveler can, if he/she wishes, bring the dispute before the Geschillencommissie Reizen (Travel Disputes Committee), Postbus 90600, 2509 LP, Den Haag ( no later than twelve months after the date the written complaint is submitted to Halo Travel.

            The Commission only deals with complaints from natural persons not acting in the performance of a profession or operation of a business.
          2. The Disputes Committee issues rulings subject to the conditions set down in the appropriate regulations. The decision of the Disputes Committee is in the form of an advice binding upon the parties. The handling of a dispute is subject to a fee.
          3. Dutch law is applicable to the contracts entered into, amended or supplemented on the basis of these Travel Terms and Conditions, unless another country’s law is applicable under mandatory rules.
          4. A traveler who does not wish to make use of the binding advice procedure referred to in the previous paragraph is entitled to put the case before the competent court.
          5. Dutch courts are competent to hear such disputes, to the exclusion of courts in all other countries, unless another country’s courts are competent under mandatory rules.
          6. All rights of claim will lapse one year after the end of the travel package (or, if the travel package did not take place, one year after the original date of departure). Claims relating to injury expire one year after the end of the travel package (or, if the travel package did not take place, one year after the original date of departure). The parties are bound by the periods referred to in this paragraph unless it is unacceptable on the grounds of reasonableness and fairness that the travel organizer invokes these periods.

Eindhoven, 16 July 2016
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