Rail Planner app

The offline app that helps you plan your rail pass trip!

Specifically for travelers on a Eurail and Interrail pass, the Rail Planner App has been developed! This Europe trip planner app works offline, so even if you have no internet connection, you can look up departure and arrival times of main European trains.

How to use the rail planner app

  • Make sure to select the right rail pass (Eurail or Interrail) in the “Select your Pass” section.
  • Make seat reservations for Italian trains in the “seat reservations” section.
  • Find all main European train connections and timetable info in the “trip planner” section. This timetable is also available when you are offline! To check whether a train needs reservations, make sure to open and expand the details of a connection.
  • Find out how to travel without seat reservations with the railplanner app! In the “trip planner” section, enter your departure city and arrival city. Then click “options” and then check the box “trains without compulsory reservations”. You will find all possible connections between your departure city and arrival city that require no reservations (meaning you can just hop on and off the trains).
  • Go to the “Pass Benefits” section to find out on which trains your pass is valid (pass validity). In this section you can also find out about the great discounts you can get with your pass, for example on ferries, museums and hotels.
  • Go to “travel info and services” for useful travel information like luggage assistance, general stations services and airport links.

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Download the rail planner app

Download the rail planner app

Download your rail planner app from the App store or Android store by clicking on the icon. Make sure to download this Europe trip planner app before you leave, so you will have all data, even if you’re offline!

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