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Dear Halo Travel customer,

Halo Travel is currently not accepting orders for new rail tours. We can refer you to ACP Rail International for all your European train tickets.

For any questions about existing orders, please send us a message through [email protected]

Train tour FAQ

The prices listed on the website include everything you need to travel around Europe such as the costs of all the train tickets in Europe (the rail pass and reservations for those trains that require one). You will receive a Halo Travel package with all the documentation that is needed for your trip as well as an itinerary summary detailing your trip.
No additional fees will be added to the prices listed on the website.

Would you like to know more about how our product works and what it includes? Well, wait no longer and contact us.

We have carefully selected the best hotel and sightseeing options for each trip. On each city page, you will find several recommendations that will lead you to the websites of our partners Booking.com and Viator, and you will be able to book your hotels and/or sightseeing activities directly through them. Simple and easy. Start from our destination page to find your hotels.

Please note: hotels and sightseeing activities are not included in the package price. They need to be booked separately through our partners booking.com and Viator!

Questions? Talk to us and we will explain this into more detail.

Our trips are independent trips. This means that you will travel by yourself, without a tour guide or group. With your order, you will receive detailed information on your trip, to make sure that you can travel easily through Europe.
We ship your order for free! Once we have shipped your package, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with all the information you need to track your package, such as the consignment number and details of the courier service in charge of the delivery.

If you come across any issue regarding the shipment of your package, let us know. We can help you out.

Read more about the benefits of a train tour in this section where we explain the difference between traveling with a train tour and a rail pass.
First class travel usually offers the best service and a more comfortable way of traveling. First class areas are equipped with spacious seats and facilities that will make your journey even more pleasant. You can be surprised with a welcome drink or catering, especially in the most luxurious trains, like the high speed ones. Traveling in first class usually gives you free access to the Lounges at the train stations, while you wait for your train.

Second class travel is a standard, more affordable way of traveling. However, we should not underestimate its advantages as it is one of the best ways to meet the locals and other fellow travelers while discovering Europe. And it is of course less expensive. Usually second class train cars have good facilities, that will make your journey as pleasant as if you would sit in first class.

The differences between first and second class travel differ per train, route and country.

Are you still doubting on whether to choose your first or second class Halo Travel package? Ask us, we are here to make your trip easier. Planning should be fun!

The destinations included in your trip are not customizable – however this is for good reason we promise.
We have created the best trips all across Europe for you, thoughtfully selecting every destination to include, as we believe each city will add particular value to your travel experience. Europe may seem small, yet do not underestimate its size! We have organised routes in the most logical way, in order to avoid any unnecessary long-haul connections or inconvenient changes.

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You can leave on any date. Our trips are completely flexible.

You can choose the date on which you would like to start your trip in the booking process.

The sooner the better!
The most popular European destinations can become very crowded during the busiest seasons, especially in the summer months (June – August). We recommend booking your trip as soon as you know the time of the year in which you would like to go on vacation. By doing so, the possibilities of getting the best offers are higher.
Do you have questions regarding the planification of your trip?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us – our travel experts will be happy to assist you.

Yes you can!
On every Trips page, you will find the suggested duration for each trip. We recommend this time in order to make the most of each destination, also considering the amount of travel time needed inbetween.
During the booking process, you can change the number of nights that you would like to stay in every destination included in your trip – keep in mind that there is a minimum recommended stay of 2 nights in each city.

Questions? Contact our travel experts here.

You can determine yourself how long you wish to stay in each city! You can choose the number of days in the booking process.

Order & payment FAQ


No, all rail passes are still paper tickets. This means we always have to ship a package to you. Read more about shipping here.
Shipping is always free when you order a train tour. For rail passes, shipping is free for order values over 400 euro. For lower order values, the shipping charge is 9 euro. You can also request fast delivery of your package for a surcharge. This surcharge is usually between 25 and 35 euro, depending on where the packages needs to be shipped.
Read more about shipping here.
Your package can be shipped almost anywhere in the world. We recommend to ship it to your home or work address. It’s always the safest option.

Please keep in mind that someone must be available at the location to sign upon delivery of the package. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you, you could ask a friend or neighbour to do so. If the courier is unable to deliver the package, it will be returned to us.

For more information, please contact us!

When we shipped your package, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with all the information you need to track your package, such as the consignment number and details of the courier service in charge of the delivery.

If you come across any issue regarding the shipment of your package, please let us know. Please contact us at least 10 days before you leave, so we can make sure to find a solution on time. We´re here to help out!

We usually ship packages 1 month before your first day of travel.

Buying & paying

We are happy to ship your rail pass anywhere in the world!

Rail passes can also be bought at the larger train stations in Europe. We advice you to contact the local railway for more information.

Eurail Passes are 20% more expensive when bought in Europe, then when bought before departure.

You can pay by one of the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, Amex or Discover. You can also pay by Paypal.
You can order up to 10 days in advance. If you want your pass or tickets earlier, then please contact us through the green messenger button so we can see whether we can ship express. An express shipping fee might apply.