About Halo Travel

About Halo Travel

Halo Travel is an independent online travel agency, specialized in European train tours. At Halo Travel, our mission is to make planning of a trip through Europe easy and fun! We are partners of German Railways (DB) and ACP International and we are authorized resellers of all European train products, including Eurail, Interrail, German Rail pass and Eurostar.

With over 25 years of combined experience in European rail travel and e-commerce, we founded a company to create a service we strongly felt could bring great value to customers: a website that would help, advise and guide customers to easily plan and book a complete, yet customizable, train tour through Europe. We assembled a passionate team of travel experts from 5 different countries and are working very hard to make this happen.

Anyone who has ever tried to book a train trip through another country or continent online, has probably encountered the complexity that comes with it. Searching through hundreds of timetables, bearing in mind the language barrier, trying to book reservations with countless different train operators to get from one country to another. It’s a challenge. A shame, because train travel is so comfortable and an easy way to get around one or multiple countries in Europe. We saw the opportunity to make this process a lot easier by creating a website that informs, helps and advises travelers on booking a train trip through Europe.

And so Halo Travel was born! With over 25 years of combined experience working in the train travel industry, we put our minds together and combined our travel knowledge and passion to create a website that would offer a solution to this online booking challenge. We collected everything we could think of, to make planning a trip to Europe fun and easy. Starting with organizing the best way to get around Europe – the high-speed train.

Travel Europe by train with Halo travel

A new travel offer

A unique new travel product by the former CEO of Eurail.com

Our goal is to make planning and booking a trip by train through Europe as easy as possible, while still offering flexibility of choice. We have mastered the art of designing your train trip around Europe and offer a broad range of predefined itineraries.

Our offer of ready-made trips is growing weekly and we plan to offer complete trips (including hotels and flights) in the near future!

  • We keep it simple:

    • Pick your favorite trip itinerary, total trip duration and amount of days per destination: we provide you with the right ticket(s).
    • We book your seat reservations; all you have to do is get to the station on time.
    • No shipping fees or other additional fees.

  • We have done the research for you:

    • We designed easy and comfortable trips through one or more European countries.
    • We researched the destinations: we found unique and popular highlights. Sightseeing tours can be booked via our partner Viator straight from our website.
    • We advise you on the duration of your stay per destination.
    • We sorted through masses of hotels in each price class and shortlisted these for you, so you can go straight to our partner Booking.com to book your favorite hotels.


Meet the founders of Halo Travel

Paulien Pierik

CEO & Co-founder

Manfred Janssen

COO/CTO & Co-founder


Address information

Office address:
Halo Travel
Torenallee 20
5617BC Eindhoven

Registration information

VAT nr: NL856032414B01
Dutch Chamber or Commerce (KvK)
registration: 65236505